Senior Adult Training



Exercise training has been shown to slow the effects of aging.  At RPG Kinesiotherapy, LLC your program is geared toward your needs.  We offer small classes for those who enjoy being around others with similar goals.  For those who want to train on their own pre-testing and an exercise plan can be developed for you to do on your own.  Follow-up evaluation is also offered.  All clients must be referred by a physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner.

Small group classes

Classes are offered two days per week.  Each class lasts 1-1.25 hours.   Space in each class must be reserved.  

Detailed Independent Training Plans

Clients who prefer to exercise on their own may opt for a pre-participation evaluation and a detailed independent training plan written for them.  This plan is geared toward the facility/equipment offered at their location of choice.  If a client elects to perform their program at home, the plan will be geared toward what is available at home; clients are sometimes surprised what can be accomplished without the expense of a fitness facility membership.  After the pre-participation evaluation and consultation with Dr. Gustafson the plan will be developed and emailed (or sent via USPS if the client prefers) to the client.


Small Group Classes

Clients may pay each time they attend a class, at the rate of $15/class.  Before beginning a class, each client receives a pre-participation and follow-up evaluation at a non-refundable rate of $25 for each evaluation.

Clients may also purchase 10 sessions in advance for $99.  The pre-participation evaluation is included in the 10-session package.  The client is eligible for a follow-up evaluation with each 10-session package purchased, however re-evaluation is recommended at 4-6 month intervals.

Detailed Independent Training Plans

The rate this individualized plan is $125 for the pre-participation evaluation and detailed plan.  Follow-up evaluations are recommended every 4-6 months at the rate of $25/evaluaton.  This does not include any visits to the clinic after the initial consultation, but Dr. Gustafson will receive phone calls or emails with questions about the training plan.


Q:  If I opt for a small class, I'm afraid that I won't be able to keep up with the others in the class.  How can I know if I should choose the small class option?

A:  You are not expected to keep up with the other clients.  Remember, they may not be able to keep up with you!  As we move from one activity to the next we expect feedback from each client.  When the client needs a break from the current activity, one is provided and the client only returns to activity when he/she is ready.  Many senior adults are surprised to discover they can do more than they thought they could.  What clients find is that after a few weeks they can do things they could not do in the beginning.

Q:  I understand classes are offered twice per week.  May I come only once per week?

A:  You may, but if you don't repeat the activities on your own at least one other time each week you may not be able to maintain any training effect gained during he session in the clinic.  Your muscles need to be stimulated at least twice per week in order to gain and maintain a training effect.  Whether you come once or twice each week you will sill still need to reserve your day(s).