Improvement Through Movement

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Welcome to RPG Kinesiotherapy, LLC

Welcome to RPG Kinesiotherapy, LLC

Welcome to RPG Kinesiotherapy, LLCWelcome to RPG Kinesiotherapy, LLC

Paul Gustafson, PhD, RKT


Conservative Pain Management


Musculoskeletal pain can be devastating.  We use a conservative approach to pain management without the use of medication, manipulation or surgery.  Over time our client-sensitive method gently returns the body to proper function and allows our client to return to  activities of daily living without apprehension.

Senior Adult Training


Aging brings with it physical changes to the body.  We can't stop those changes but we can slow the rate of some of the changes with physical activity and exercise.  Clients who want to maintain their ability to perform activities of daily living, minimize the need to rely on others for tasks around the house, or just be able to keep up with the grandkids, can benefit from our program.

Parkinson's & Dementia


In 2018 we began offering an exercise program for individuals with early stage Parkinson's Disease.  Our program is patterned after the premier training center in the world. Using high-intensity interval training techniques similar to those used by boxers in preparation for competition, clients all over the world have seen positive effects on strength, endurance and activities of daily living.  In 2019 we are now extending this training this training to individuals with early stage dementia.